[SG-1] Teal'c; indeed

Round 19: sign-ups

+ You must join the comm and read the rules before you can sign up.
+ For this round you can claim an episode or an episode set such as Revelations 1 & 2. Please put your first and second choices in your claim; up to three people can have the same claim.
+ Sign-ups are open through July 19th. Round 19 info will be posted on July 1st.

Please leave your sign-up information using this form (below) and format:

Name: Caroline || myfloralbonnet || shiny_hat
Character #1: Kali I/II/III
Character #2: Normandy
Country: US

Your name is not required to sign up (only your lj username is) but please say where you plan to post your icons (either at your journal or graphics comm).

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[C] Tammy; in love with the wrong world

Round 17: Tiebreaker

01. Do not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
02. If your icon/set is up for voting, please skip that category.
03. When voting, please vote for the icon/set with the best technique (coloring, crop, etc).
04. Tie-breaker voting closes on June 16th.

Artist's Choice Icons
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